The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), JA Americas and SAP launched "EmpleaTECH", an initiative that aims to train 2,400 young people in the next three years and to get 50% of them to get a job in that period. With an initial phase in Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, the project can be scaled to any country in the region. ManpowerGroup also joins as strategic partner, collaborating with the insertion of young people in the labor market.


On November 3, "EmpleaTECH", the new joint initiative of JA Americas, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and SAP, was officially launched. EmpleaTECH aims to create pathways to innovation and employability for Latin American youth, especially those in vulnerable situation, in the knowledge economy. The announcement was made within the framework of the Council of the Americas symposium, held in Miami. The first stage of the project involved Guatemala, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. An investment of US $3 million will allow, in three years, to train near 2,400 young people and ensure that at least half are employed or working on their own at the end of the period.



"One of the most interesting points of this program is that we start from the job market´s demand: STEM positions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are still among the ten most difficult to fill, due to the lack of technical skills. Providing this knowledge to young people in vulnerable situations, therefore, exponentially increases their chances to enter the job market", said Claudio Muruzabal, President of SAP Latin America and the Caribbean, and Vice - Chair of JA Americas.


Design Thinking sessions and training will be held in prototype tools such as SAP Build, preparation in SAP products such as Business One and Fiori, as well as training in open source such as HTML with the objective that those who participate will be hired as potential consultants in technology. The project can be scaled to any other territory in the region. ManpowerGroup will collaborate during the final stage of the process, supporting the labor insertion of young people.


Hernan Zocco