The 9th edition of the JA Americas Company of the Year Competition, celebrated in São Paulo, awarded an Argentine company as the best of 2017. The 20 finalists, representing 15 countries from the region, enjoyed a unique educational and cultural exchange experience. FedEx, main sponsor of the Competition, and Delta Air Lines, supported JA Americas for making it happen.


From the 27th to the 30th of November, São Paulo was the host city of the JA Americas Company of the Year Competition (COY), during a historical 9th edition organized together with the JA Brazil team. The COY gathered 100 youth from 20 JA companies, participating in the JA Company Program, representing 15 countries during the final stage. For three days full of activities, participants enjoyed:

  • Special seminars from FedEx (main sponsor) and Delta Air Lines´ representatives.
  • Exchange activities.
  • Presentations of their companies to an international jury.
  • An open Trade Fair at a Shopping Mall, where they exhibited and sold their products.
  • Recreational activities.


After the evaluations from the COY judges, as well as the FedEx and Delta Air Lines judges, the following companies were recognized during the Gala Dinner:


2017 Company of the Year: KÓLEKEN (Argentina)

Kóleken produces an innovative and modern glass dispenser for all kind of beverages. The company was selected for demonstrating a high performance during all the competition stages: company presentation, trade fair and interviews with judges.


2nd Place: BÉZH (Canada)

Bézh partners with local Indigenous Artists and expose their art and stories through digitizing their artwork and transferring it into hats.

Bézh´s performance during COY was also highlighted via Twitter by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau!


3rd Position: BEYOND THE FUTURE (Mexico)

The company presented a very useful solar charger, able to power smartphones and some tablets.


FedEx Access Award: EASY CAR (Argentina)

Easy Car produces a car organizer which allows the driver to achieve organization and comfortability inside the vehicle, avoiding possible distractions and decreasing the risk of car accidents.


Delta Social Impact Award: ECOLORS (Guatemala)

Production and selling of crayons made out of recycled materials, which make them trust and safe for users, while they take care of the environment.

Gabriel Villalobo