JA Innovation Camps

The JA Innovation Camp can be either a half day or a one-day, intensive experience that engages students with entrepreneurial and collaborative learning opportunities. The goal is for students between 15 and 18 years old to find innovative solutions to a specific challenge faced in the world of business or their community as a team using innovative tools such as design thinking and the business model CANVAS.

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Latin Code Week

The objective of Latin Code Week is to empower future generations with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. The program is an 18-hour introductory course on soft skills, business skills, design thinking, prototyping and includes an innovation camp where students will prototype an app as a solution to a specific challenge faced in the world of business or social issue with the assistance of mentors and volunteers.

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Women for Development

This program is primarily for women between 18 and 25 years old, in vulnerable and risky situations due to several factors (gender, geographic location, access to education, delinquency, risk, etc.). The first stage is a series of 13 sessions introducing many important, basic life and business skills. JA partners directly with micro-credit organizations to provide information about and access to loans so the women can start a new business or grow their existing businesses.

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Road to Success

The JA - Scotiabank Road to Success initiative has been developed under the blended-learning model and focuses on financial education, leadership development, skills for success, career development, innovation and design thinking. It’s a combination of JA Economics for Success, a local Innovation Camp and a regional Innovation Camp contest.

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EduACCIÓN Financiera

The initiative powered by Equifax focuses on the importance of financial education – a major issue affecting Latin America today – but also aims to provide additional tools and training to the parents of youth through community outreach and a special credit 101 seminar. Equifax´s volunteers inspire youth by implementing the JA Economic for Success program, including a special session created for this initiative around personal credit and credit bureaus. EduACCIÓn Financiera is complemented by a JA Innovation Camp. 

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With the objective to empower youth with soft, business and ITC skills to become key players in the development of the Latin American economy and promote job creation by powering tech-driven enterprise growth, JA Americas and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) propose a combination of two programs JA has designed together with SAP: Latin Code Week and a training program to become certified in the SAP product “B1” to potentially be hired as B1 consultants. ManpowerGroup also joins this effort, by helping youth to enter the job market. 

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