Scotiabank has been recognized by JA Americas as the winner of the 2017 Transforming Education Award, the maximum recognition that JA gives to its partners at the regional level. Brent Currie, Scotiabank's Senior Vice-President of Brand Management and Marketing Services, received the award in Toronto, Ontario.

"We are pleased to partner with JA Americas to help young people develop their entrepreneurial, labour and financial skills. This partnership reflects Scotiabank's commitment to the long-term development of Latin America and the Caribbean," said Brent Currie, Senior Vice-President, Brand Management and Marketing Services. "At Scotiabank, we're focused on our future leaders, and recognize that our involvement with JA not only helps young people reach their infinite potential, but also helps to ensure communities are set-up for success."

 JA Americas has recognized Scotiabank for its ongoing support over the last eight years, allowing JA to not only impact the lives of thousands of young people in the region, but to generate innovations to remain relevant in the face of the needs of young people and the labour market. That is, digitalization of the content of the JA Economics for Success program, the development of the first Regional Online Innovation Camp of JA Americas, and the Road to Success initiative launching.

"We are delighted to recognize Scotiabank for its tireless support to the Latin American and Caribbean region," said Leo Martellotto, President of JA Americas. "Thanks to Scotiabank, and in partnership with them, JA Americas was able to improve the Economics for Success program, generating version 2.0: an online platform through which students learn the same concepts of the original program but in a digital, more interactive way."

Scotiabank's CSR priority to invest in young people has been reflected through the Bank's partnership with JA Americas, allowing students from 14 to 18 years of age to participate in national innovation camp competitions that aim to find innovative solutions to specific challenges that the business world faces. Similarly, the Road to Success program aims to help develop the infinite potential of youth in our communities by teaching kids the basic concepts of financial literacy. The initiative will continue to give students a basic understanding of the principles of finance and practical advice on budget planning and money management.


Gabriel Villalobo